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Welcome to the new and exciting STEMCON blog! Like everything we do, our hope for this blog is that it will be made for and driven by STEM educators just like you! If this is your first year joining the STEMCON community, we thought you might like a brief introduction to who we are.


STEMCON, established in 2014, is a professional development conference aimed at K-12 Educators. The first four years of the conference were held in Cleveland, Ohio, with hundreds of STEM educators and professionals from 30+ states attending over the first four years. As STEMCON continues to grow, we are excited to move the event to Chicago for its 5th year where we hope to have 600+ attendees.


The mission of STEMCON is for the conference to serve as a platform for STEM educators and administrators from all around the nation to share their best practices. The day-long professional development opportunity gives educators the space to keep up with new trends, practices, and standards and encourages innovation in a fast-changing and evolving field.

Our goal of every annual STEMCON is to send attendees back to their schools with practical skills and strategies that can be implemented in the classroom right away. By equipping STEM educators and professionals with the tools necessary to be better teachers, we are able to better equip our students for a life beyond the classroom.


STEM education reaches far beyond the building blocks of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It teaches students to ask questions, solve problems, and approach the world with a sense of inquiry and resilience. This is why STEMCON matters and why we have been organizing this conference for the last four years. We hope this blog will grow to reflect the great work that has already been done by the educators who have made STEMCON what it is today, and that means we need your feedback:


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