Sheila Fox

K-5 STEM Teacher and K-8 TAG Inteventionist @ Edgerton School District

Other Speakers-

Joe Mink, Edgerton School District, 9-12 Technology and Engineering Educator

Presentation Title: Dream, Design, and Develop Elementary STEM

Abstract: After one year of implementing STEM Lessons with small groups of “advanced” students at the first through sixth grade levels, we realized that STEM Education can be best utilized at the universal level and our attention soon turned to how can we involve ALL children in STEM activities keeping in mind our current Science and Math curriculum and the NGSS, Next Generation Science Standards. After a year of planning and piloting a variety of STEM Experiences, we are in our second year of implementation of STEM Education for all K-5 students in our district. In this session we will share our work from the ground up and highlight the involvement of our middle school and high school STEM experts that helped to ensure that our activities and lessons led to higher level knowledge and application. A K-5 experience guide will be shared and the ‘divide and conquer’ method of narrowing STEM topics will be discussed. Practical tips such as lesson examples, action shots and videos, websites, and hands on resources will be provided. We will focus on the positive collaboration that led to a comprehensive approach to STEM education that tailors to children starting as early as kindergarten and expands to high school graduates. This session is student-centered and the heart of our work is bringing the STEM out in children, harnessing young student energy and giving them opportunities to build in their confidence and love of learning.

Biography: Mrs. Sheila Fox: Sheila’s teaching career started many years ago in Hartford, WI when she started teaching 5th grade. After almost 31 years of teaching, her teaching position changed. She has always been an advocate for advanced learners so in 2013 she became the first Talented and Gifted Interventionist in the Edgerton School District. With this new position, she also became involved in STEM Education and realized the full potential of STEM learning not only with her TAG students but with all students. At this time she is the K-5 STEM Teacher and K-8 Talented and Gifted Interventionist for the Edgerton School District. Mr. Joe Mink: Joe Mink is a Technology and Engineering Educator for the Edgerton High School. For 11 years, he has had the delight of teaching the application of knowledge to high school students. For the past 4 years he has been able to guide the learning of K-12 students as the high school STEM consultant. Joe received a B.S. in Technology Education from University Wisconsin Stout. He is a member of the Wisconsin Technology Educators Association and the Vice President of the Wisconsin Energy Efficient Vehicle Association.