Robin White

Instructional Technology, and Career Readiness Coordinator @ Pine Tree ISD, Secondary Math/Science, STEAM

Other Speakers-

Daya Hill, Pine Tree ISD, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Lisa Mullins, Pine Tree ISD, K-4 ELAR/Dyslexia Coordinator

Michelle Walker, Pine Tree ISD, Special Programs Coordinator

Presentation Title: Girls In Technology

Abstract: When girls are young, they enjoy working on STEM projects and are eager to be involved in STEM activities. However, by the time girls reach high school, it is rare for them to enroll in courses that are STEM related, to be involved with STEM activities or to pursue a career in a STEM related field. This decline in participation has created an enormous gap in the number of female vs. male participants in STEM courses and careers. Our society is a contributing factor sending unspoken messages to female students and leaving the impression that it is unacceptable for them to participate in STEM. Pine Tree ISD is committed to closing the gap for the number of female students participating in STEM classes and pursuing STEM careers. One of our solutions for shifting our culture was the creation of our Girls In Technology event. Pine Tree ISD’s vision is to inspire other districts around the nation to change their culture by providing opportunities for female students to continue their love of STEM. This session will equip school districts with the ability to create a Girls In Technology event of their own and to help schools envision STEM for all students.

Biography: Pine Tree ISD Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment team is a group of district administrators that strongly believe in education for all. PTISD CIA team includes: Dr. Daya Hill – Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Robin White – Secondary Math/Science/STEAM/Instructional Technology/Career Readiness Coordinator, Kelli Hendrix – K-6 Math/Science/STEAM Coordinator, Dr. Lisa Mullins – K-4 ELAR/Dyslexia Coordinator, Cyndi Nyvall – Secondary ELAR/GT Coordinator, Michele Walker – Special Programs Coordinator, Melinda Tidwell – Academic Dean of Students. Their combined years of educational expertise has led Pine Tree ISD in being one of the first districts in East Texas to provide STEM education to students.