Kimberly Franklin

Curriculum and Professional Development TOSA @ West Covina Unified School District

Presentation Title: Student Safety in Cyberspace
50-minute breakout session
Abstract: This presentation is appropriate for elementary school teachers wanting to relay the importance of being a good digital citizen. Today’s student needs to learn an entirely new set of rules when on the internet. Within this program, teachers will see how to open up the conversation in a fun and engaging way with their students, as well as learn of several online resources that support their efforts in educating today’s digital explorer. The 21st century learner is a traveler of cyberspace on a daily basis. These students venture into unfamiliar territory without knowing that certain rules and etiquette should be followed. To ensure students act safely, behave respectfully and choose responsibly, it serves students well that educators teach them basic rules or ABC’s. These ABC’s should be followed by every cybercitizen. Challenges that students encounter when online are addressed during this session, including social media usage, cyberbullying, privacy and data protection. Teachers will also discuss appropriate and current laws and trends in sharing student information online.

Presentation Title: The ABCs of Cyber Citizenship
20-minute curriculum burst
Abstract: Would you give the keys to your car to a teenager without proper driver’s education? No, of course not. Could you teach a kindergarten student how to read before she knows the letters or sounds? No, that would be quite difficult. So why then do we give our youngest generation online access without teaching them some basic rules? Being a good cybercitizen is as easy as following the ABCs – ACT Safely, BEHAVE Respectfully, CHOOSE Responsibly. Attendees will receive a wealth of resources, including classroom videos, vocabulary, and parent support links, to bring the cyber safety message to their elementary school students.

Biography: Kimberly Franklin has worked in the field of education for over 20 years. Her career includes positions as Public Educator and Administrator, Program Manager for Disney Institute, Curriculum Designer for Laureate Education’s Walden University and K-12 STEM Learning Expert for NASA’s Department of Education. Kimberly is also an author and presenter. She is currently working on a series of STEM Books for elementary students, families, and educators that encourage students to explore SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATHEMATICS knowing that the future needs STEM subject experts.