Kimberly Clayton-Code

Department of Teacher Education Professor and Director @ Northern Kentucky University

Presentation Title: Developing Sustainable Partnerships to Develop Student Affinity for STEM Fields
50-minute breakout session
Abstract: Are you interested in developing meaningful and lasting partnerships that support STEM initiatives, student learning, and positive student attitudes towards STEM content? In this interactive session, we will share strategies for developing long-lasting multi-stakeholder partnerships between educational institutions, businesses, and community agencies to foster student interest and positive attitudes towards STEM fields. Through cross-sector collaborations such as the DreamFest Conference, AP Boot Camp, Camp Innovation, and Young Women LEAD, students are provided with holistic opportunities to explore STEM careers, skills, tools, and content. We will share hands-on, inquiry-based curricula and programming that have been developed over the past 15 years to meet the growing need for capacity building in STEM teaching and learning.

Biography: Kimberly Clayton-Code is a professor in the College of Education and Human Services at Northern Kentucky University. She has taught courses in gifted and talented education, social studies, diversity, economic education, and educational foundations. She received the Faculty Excellence in Sustained Outreach and Public Engagement (2010) and the Faculty Excellence in Teaching (2007) awards from Northern Kentucky University. Other activities have included editing and authoring the national award-winning, Entrepreneurs in Kentucky and Pathways to Home Ownership curriculum projects. Kimberly’s career as an educator began with the Campbell County Schools gifted and talented program as well as teaching fifth grade in a self-contained class. She also taught with the Newport Independent School district. Kimberly has degrees from the University of Louisville (Ph.D.), Northern Kentucky University (M.Ed.), and Purdue University (B.A.).