STEM conference

Kelly Reddin

Global Master Trainer @ LEGO Education

    1. 50-minute breakout session
      Presentation Title: Ways All Teachers can Implement Creativity, Inquiry, and Facilitation to Strengthen STEM

Abstract: Are all people creative or only a few? Can we increase the “creativity” of students in our classrooms? What about the teachers – can they become more creative? This session will consider the methods of teaching that can lead students to be better thinkers, problem solvers and computational thinkers. Teachers’ thinking will be pushed to consider the methods we use in schools and college classrooms that motivate 21st century skills and where they fit in our already packed core. This presentation will provide some solid ideas for preparing STEM (and all) educators to get more from their students. Be prepared to be interactive with the speaker who will have the entire audience thinking, talking, and doing things that can be utilized NOW. We don’t have to wait for the future, we can implement these ideas today!

    1. 50-minute breakout session
      Presentation Title: Design Engineering – An Easy Way to Apply STEM through Robotics
      Abstract: Your hands and minds will be ON during this entire workshop. Come enjoy a little friendly competition as well as use the design engineering process. Experience how students can learn far more by creating and doing than by watching or just using. In this session, you will be challenged to use the Design Engineering Process to create and program a robot that can move with and without wheels through rapid prototyping. Experience all the design engineering process has to offer your students through investigating velocity, use of sensors to measure distance, using degrees, and creating a “boomerang” robot. You will see all the investigation that happens while designing and programming robotics to experience a real world application of math and science. After all, computational thinking and design engineering go hand in hand. We want students to think about how the design and the programming have to work in tandem to create a successful solution to a challenge. Computational thinking is more than coding; it involves all of the process from opportunity to completed project. All participants will succeed and enjoy being creative, challenged and “in flow” throughout the workshop. Come join us and put your hands on robots as you choose your challenge(s).

Biography: Kelly Reddin started with LEGO Dacta in 2000 as a curriculum specialist. She is currently a Global Master Trainer with LEGO Education, facilitating workshops for products from preschool through college as well as joining panel discussions on education. Kelly has worked creating new products using the US, UK, and German curriculum standards to help focus new development for global curriculum and products. She also presents keynote speeches and works on special projects with partners and service centers. Prior to joining LEGO Education, she taught elementary and middle school as well as college courses. She has taught, studied and worked in many regions of the United States as well as Germany and Japan. Kelly holds degrees from the University of Missouri – B.S.B.A. Accountancy, Columbus University – M.B.A and College of Notre Dame – B.A. Elementary Education, with additional studies completed at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.