Jen Gutierrez

K-12 STEM Education Specialist @ integratedSTEMk12, LLC

Presentation Title: STEM for ALL Students: Addressing Diversity & Equity

Abstract: The striking statistics in achievement gaps in every content area continue to document the vast disparities in educational equality in the U.S. Yet research does show when students from non-mainstream backgrounds receive equitable learning opportunities they are capable of attaining outcomes comparable to their mainstream peers. STEM teaching and learning embraces the idea of real-world, relevant and engaging education, which every teacher knows, is key to truly making a student feel like the learning matters to them. The National Research Council’s 2012 A Framework for K-12 Science Education brings to the forefront the importance of equity in education for all students when discussing equalizing opportunities to learn. This session focuses on the critical importance of addressing the diverse and unique learning needs of all students in STEM education. Participants will look into the characteristics of approaches to STEM education that have been shown to produce positive outcomes for a diverse range of students so that all are prepared for the 21st century college and career ready workforce.