Janice Rickey

STEM Coordinator @ Rachel Freeman School of Engineering

Presentation Title: Beebots: Coding and Integration K-2

Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate coding using Beebots as well as give examples of how Beebots can be integrated into the curriculum to reinforce skills. The objective of this presentation is that teachers would feel comfortable using the Beebots to teach basic coding as well as brainstorm and practice ideas to use them in the classroom to reinforce skills. Beebots are a great, easy-to-use teaching tool. The hands-on robot is easy for young children to use to learn basic coding skills. They can be used as a motivator to introduce or enhance basic skills in a variety of subject areas. Beebots can be integrated into the curriculum as a tool to teach directionality, sequencing, problem solving, letter and sight word review, number sense, map skills and life cycles. My presentation fits into the Create to Learn – Coding in the Classroom topic. Included in the workshop is an “unplugged” activity to introduce coding, basic coding instruction using the Beebot, practice using the Beebot in several curriculum areas and brainstorming ways they can use this in their classroom setting.

Biography: My name is Janice Rickey. I am the STEM Coordinator at a Title I PreK-5 magnet school in Wilmington, NC. I have also had 17 years in the K-2 classroom as a teacher. I love to make learning fun and engaging. I believe that children can learn cooperation, problem solving, perseverance and communication skills with hands-on learning. After I teach the children how to code using the Beebot, we use him to reinforce skills that they are already learning but in a fun, engaging way.