Dr. Nigamanth Sridhar

Cleveland State University @ Excellence in STEM Education Award

The “CS for All” team at Cleveland State University, led by Dr. Nigamanth Sridhar and Dr. Debbie Jackson, is working alongside the Cleveland Metropolitan School District on a “CS for All” program. This program is primarily focused on ensuring that every student in the district has the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in this field. Their training programs and expertise ensures that the district has a robust group of teachers who are trained and ready to deliver top-quality computer science instruction. In the summer of 2016, they worked with a dozen teachers, and as a result of that training, seven high schools in CMSD offered computer science courses. This number has doubled this year, and nearly half of all high schools in the district will offer one or more computer science course. The team’s work is purposeful and sustainable: at the same time when they are training new teachers, as well as building capacity within the district in the form of master teachers who can provide thought leadership inside the district.