David Lockett

STEM Teacher @ Bok Academy

Presentation Title: Challenge Based Learning – Teaching, Assessing, Creating
50-minute breakout session

Abstract: Challenge Based Learning (CBL) is an inductive pedagogy that allows students to identify a real-world problem that interests them and then learn what they need to know in order to solve the problem. Information gained from doing assignments and projects can result in long term retention of the information and make the student feel like their school work has a purpose. A challenge-based learning experience is a learning experience where the learning takes places through the identification, analysis and design of a solution to a sociotechnical problem. The learning experience is typically multidisciplinary in all core subjects, takes place in an international context and aims to find a collaboratively developed solution, which is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. The attendees will learn and identify common and unique characteristics of the surveyed challenge-based learning experiences as well as success factors for their execution. Attendees will describe in more detail one particular challenge-based learning experience that can be adapted for their learning institution. Attendees will discuss what a “challenge” might be in the context of core education. What skills are needed to address a “challenge”? How can these skills be developed?

Presentation Title: TBD
20-minute curriculum burst
So you’ve heard a lot about coding these days and want to understand its importance in the classroom; however, you just haven’t quite figured out how it fits into your specific classroom and core curriculum schedule. This session takes you beyond the basics of coding and introduces you to real-life examples of how coding and robotics can become a daily part of almost any classroom and any core subject area. Hands-on demos and a stress-free opportunity to learn best practices.

Biography: David Lockett is a STEM teacher at Bok Academy in Lake Wales, Fl as well as an NSTA Aerospace Advisory Board Member. At Bok Academy, he is responsible for implementing a project-based curriculum for all students as they rotate through the STEM Lab. Mr. Lockett has a distinguished and diverse background in the fields of Astronomy, Biotechnology, and Engineering, and is an advocate and practitioner of S.T.E.M. accessibility for all students. Mr. Lockett has participated in a variety of NSF projects throughout North and South America, including the Astronomy in Chile Ambassadors Educator Program and Innovators Developing Accessible Tools for Astronomy. David believes in building relationships and providing S.T.E.M. equity for all students.