Darlyne de Haan

Assistant Principal/CEO @ Fernwood Middle School/Mad About Science

Other presenters: Damiso Josey

Presentation Title: Musical Pathways: How Hip Hop Music and Culture Can Bridge the STEM Gap for Under-represented Populations
Abstract: This presentation will focus on how to bridge the gap between STEM education and STEM related careers to under-represented populations through the use of Hip Hop. Many of today’s students need to see the diversity that can exist within STEM design and related fields. These students need to be able to identify with STEM within their world. This presentation will expose attendees to how they can use Hip Hop music and culture to connect the philosophy and the STEM design to engage under-represented populations to the world of STEM. The presentation will also focus on the four elements of Hip Hop culture and music and it uses the STEM design to address real world problems.

Biography: Darlyne de Haan is currently a Vice Principal at Fernwood Middle School in EHT, NJ.  She has recently been hired as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction-Math and Science for the Bridgeton Schools, NJ.  Darlyne is also a doctoral student at Stockton University where she is studying Organizational Leadership.  Darlyne is the founder of Mad About Science, Inc. a non-profit organization seeking to reverse the trends of low interest of minorities in STEM fields.