Courtney Fox

Mathematics Teacher @ Clermont Northeastern School District

Presentation Title: Clean Water for Women and Children

Abstract: This is a full unit in Trigonometry that covers right triangle trigonometry, the law of sines and the law of cosines. Students are introduced to the world water crisis and how and why it affects women and children the most. Students create graphical representations of this crisis to hang in the halls in an effort to bring awareness to this crisis to the entire school community as well as start a campaign to help those in need. Students use their knowledge of trigonometry to “solve” a water crisis in a town and bring clean sanitation to a remote island. This unit helps students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, numerical literacy and global awareness. Students make connections to the “real world” using mathematics and becoming world citizens.

Biography: Courtney Fox has been teaching math and science for 10 years from Virginia to Nevada and most recently in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has a passion for integrating mathematics and the sciences in her lessons; she strives to help her students see the connections in the classroom and beyond. Her students leave her classes ready to take on STEM careers where mathematics and the sciences are very much integrated.