Chad Pavlekovich

STEM Science Teacher 6-7-8 @ Salisbury Middle School

Other Speakers-

Jeremiah Mowen, Salisbury Middle School, STEM History Teacher 6-7-8

Presentation Title: Planting the seeds of STEM in the garden and outdoors!

Abstract: An interesting look at how to incorporate STEM practices through gardening. This presentation will address the steps involved in creating a garden to meet your class and school’s needs. Examples of curriculum that can and have been used will be shared to help better understand opportunities that can come from having a schoolyard garden (lab) to help students see the importance of STEM education with a focus on nature. The presentation will also highlight the application of the Farmbot, a robotic gardening device that was acquired through a grant and infused into a schoolyard garden to study the possible benefits and/or hindranceshinderances of automation. In addition, the presentation will focus on connecting students to nature through STEM and STEAM practices using The Nature Connection Workbook by Claire Walker Leslie and how field trips that engage students outdoors can be powerful lesson helping students to attain environmental literacy.

Biography: A science teacher for the past 17 years. Chad was awarded Wicomico County Teacher of the Year in 2012 and was a Maryland teacher of the Year finalist. He was a 2017 national finalist for Edward C. Roy, Jr. Excellence in K-8th Earth Science Teaching. His team was awarded 2017 STEMCON Excellence in STEM Education. He and his colleagues created the STEM program at Salisbury Middle School 8 years ago which recently was recognized as one the most innovative STEM Middle School programs in the country by FETC (The First Educational Technology Conference 2015). His interest in STEM education at all levels of instruction lead him to pursue and obtain his Doctorate of Education. His dissertation focused on how STEM education was designed and implemented throughout the state of Maryland.